Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Genocide (Nippon) - Black Sanctuary (1988, King Klassic Records / 2009, Shadow Kingdom)

Genocide play epic old school metal. I guess the closest comparison is Mercyful Fate, but I find myself listening to this album way more than that band. There is definitely some well-executed wankery (a ballad and an acoustic instrumental)... But then you've got hard stuff like "Doomsday," "Last Confusion," and the first two songs on side B. It all builds up to a glorious climax: "Living Legend." This one alone is worth an entire album of acoustic instrumentals. It is seriously one of the heaviest songs ever written, grinding away at mid-tempo until a solo gives way to a doom part that bludgeons like Pentagram. The theatrical vocals would be overbearing if they weren't so evil sounding.

I am guessing the rip I downloaded (which has been going around forever) is the new remastered re-release that seems so readily available around the internet. Tell me if it sounds good... If it doesn't, look for a cheap copy of the original.

Black Sanctuary

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