Monday, January 17, 2011

Revenge - S/T 10" (1998, Brause Enterprises/An's Bein Pissen Records)

I am jacking these tracks from Am I Mean, a blog ran by a guy who roadied for this band when they were around. I found this 10" for 4 bucks recently, and have since been playing it a lot. Nothing on this is really groundbreaking, but it is hardly generic. If 90's hardcore wasn't mostly garbage (see my entry on TOETAG), they would be generic. Alas, find another band that collided such streamlined, heavy power chord riffs with breakdowns that were heavy as shit without being drawn out or "epic" (in fact, many of them constitute what some idiot assholes might call a "TWO STEP" part). It sounds like a Discharge/Broken Bones worshiping band (of the 90's variety, ala State of Fear) that integrated their favorite NYHC parts without creating a gimmicky or convoluted end result.

Revenge - 10"

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