Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hate Crew - Silent Rage (1987/1988, Punk Etc. Records)

So trying to find out anything regarding HATE CREW (what a name!) on the internet will only lead you to an infinite number of CHILDREN OF BODOM fan pages, and a few write ups on a blog about a long defunct art collective from Belgium (where this band was from). So I guess they didn't make the biggest impact in the world. Who gives a shit? As Royce da 5'9" says, "the real will cop it." Because the obvious comparisons don't do the passion of this music justice, I'll just say that this this is what you'd get if you could condense some of the best electric knuckledragging music of the 80's into one little rock of heavenly stupidity. Case in point, the Celtic Frost breakdown that serves as the chorus for the title track, which otherwise blazes along with a speedy, mainlined hardcore riff. Just one thing that makes this so good. Along with the muddy production. And the singer who sounds KINDA like Roger Miret. Suspicions of a Crumbsuckers influence are confirmed by the fact that side A closes with an instrumental. If you like those old late 80's NYHC demos for anything more than ever-elusive "scene cred," then you will like this. Plus, they had better facial hair than all those mongoloids.

"Do I have to kill somebody to tell him how I feel?"

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