Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Headsman - ... The Morning (Green Records, 1994)

For the first time ever on the information superhighway, I give you Italy's foray into the cold, brooding sounds popularized by the likes of Ironside... But unlike Ironside, these guys were able to put out a full length album. After the requisite ominous intro track, we are bombarded with "Morning," which sets the tone for the remainder of the LP. Unlike most bands that play (and play into) this loosely defined style, Headsman didn't sound like some half-assed high school band covering metal songs. The riffs tread at midtempo like some unhinged, malevolent take on Judge as the vocalist belts out a performance so purely gutteral that that very descriptor seems redundant and tame in comparison to his grated howlings. But despite the visceral sounds contained herein, for me, the uniformly lurching pace also gives it a certain contemplative quality. It was the perfect soundtrack for a recent gray morning spent drinking coffee and petting a cat.

Ripped at 320 kbps using the most primitive analog system possible. (New link as of 4/1 with a better sounding rip. If you downloaded the old .rar, delete that shit and get this one)

Headsman - ...The Morning

EDIT: Also, I realize shit's been slow on here lately. It's been because I've been lazy about learning how to rip records. Now that I know, I'm going to be putting a lot of hard to find shit on here in the coming days and weeks. Stay posted!


  1. Hello, here's Enrico , I was the Bass player from Headsman, nice Rip of the Lp !!!
    better than the usual one you find on the web !
    I wish to rip into digital mode the :
    1992 Demo cassette
    1993 Demo cassette
    1995 infamous ( not accepted in the SXE mold )Reharsal tracks
    we had a track on a comp CD called " get a grip on reality " on BluBus records , a sampler of italian bands of that time.
    Take Care

  2. ERRO, in the off chance you read this, please email me: iamantieverything87@gmail.com

  3. Hey, coukd i get a re upload of this too, thanks man! Sick blog!